Who we are

Visual cortex is a production and research studio focusing on the performing and digital arts. Our close-knit team consists of computer scientists, creative technologists and visual artists while maintaining a wide network of performers, musicians and directors.

What we do

We specialize in designing and developing live performances that combine the real with the virtual. We create bespoke interactive installations that augment experiences and environments. By applying creative twists, we endevour to highlight our relationship with machines, expand the vocabulary of human action and awaken participants to their own potential as actors.

How we do it

We strive to maintain a balance between the use of technology and the narrative and aesthetic needs of a production. As creative technologists we try to look beyond the “awe of implementation” and determine which technology truly serves the performance. For that reason we dedicate many hours in research trying to pick out technology and concepts that fit a specific production. From autonomous agents and artificial intelligence to generative and data-driven art all contribute to the final product of our work.

The technology

In order to create interactive environments we employ a wide range of sensors and we utilize the extensive combined knowledge in computer vision technologies that the team has. All of our tools are developed in-house using industry standard libraries and frameworks.