Theodoros Papatheodorou, PhD

Theodoros is an interactive media designer, computer scientist and educator. After studying psychology and philosophy in the University of Wisconsin-Madison he got his MSc in computer science and PhD in computer vision from Imperial College London. He has published papers on science, technology and the arts and has participated in interdisciplinary conferences and workshops around the world. When not coding he is teaching creative coding at Goldsmiths, University of London where he runs the MA in Computational Arts. Theodoros moved Visual Cortex to London and operates now under the name Random Quark. Say hi here:


Kyriaki Goni, MA

Kyriaki is a visual artist, creative technologist and researcher who develops artifacts and experiences which explore the poetics of computation. With a background in fine arts she holds an MA in digital arts from the Athens School of Fine Arts and an MA in visual anthropology from Leiden University in the Netherlands. She has participated in conferences and workshops that investigate the overlap between art and technology. She likes playing with data, sound, code and space and occasionally, she gets to exhibit her work internationally.


Athanasios Silis, MEng

Athanasios Silis is an electronics engineer specializing in robotic vision, multimedia signal processing and human-computer interaction. After obtaining his MEng from Imperial College, London he worked in European research projects relating to multimedia content search engines and interfacing devices. Currently, he is investigating how computer vision algorithms can take over the world of interactive performances. During his off-hours you can find him composing electronic music or helping others dive into free software.